Consumer Safety Tips

Safety Tips & Grocery Shopping Guidelines

(En Español)

Never Lend Money
lend money or give money or gift cards to your Homemaker for their personal use.


Never Do Banking
give the homemaker your debit card/credit card or ask the homemaker to do any banking transactions, including withdrawing money with your ATM/Debit card.

Keep Valuables Safe
Keep all valuables, money, and medications in a safe place when anyone visits your home.


Be Present at Home
You must be present
, the entire time, while the Homemaker is in your home.


Call for Help
If you think that something is missing after the Homemaker has been at your home, please call your Case Manager as quickly as possible.

Paying by Check
If paying by check: The check must be pre-signed and made out to the specific store or pharmacy. The check cannot be made out to the homemaker. The homemaker can fill out the check for the amount of the purchase.

Paying with Cash
If paying by cash: The Homemaker must always give the consumer the store receipt and the change once returning to the consumer’s home. The homemaker may also ask the consumer to sign a receipt verifying the transaction.

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