Coping with the Stress of Parent Caregiving in Massachusetts

Having a parent in private duty home care who can’t live entirely on their own can be stressful to an adult child. You may likely still work, but even if you’re retired, you still have to juggle the responsibilities of your own spouse, kids, and grandkids, not to mention keeping up your house and managing your finances. Adding the care of an aging loved one on top of all that can certainly overwhelm even the most dedicated of children. If you are coping with the stress of parent caregiving, there are resources out there to help you through this time.

Get Help

Being there day in and day out to help your parent with the groceries, meal prep, bills, house cleaning, and bathing may require more time than you realistically have. Having someone who can visit your loved one daily to provide them with the help and camaraderie they need may be a godsend. That’s exactly what Advanced Home Care Services does. We provide 24/7 flexible senior care in Massachusetts, along with around-the-clock, emergency response if necessary. You can get peace of mind knowing our caregivers are fully trained and vetted to provide the best care possible. We can make sure your parent takes her pills every day, mail bills, go food shopping, take her on errands or to church, help with grooming and even go on a daily walk. We provide home care services for any need.

Join a Support Group for Coping with the Stress of Parent Caregiving

You’re not alone in your efforts to care for an aging parent. There are many people out there just like you who are also struggling. Fortunately, there are support groups out there that can help. Check with your local community center, senior center, hospital or online networking site to find one that meets close to you. Attend and share your story. Chances are you will feel welcomed and relieved that you’re not alone.

Get Educated

The more you know about the topic, whether that’s Medicare or Alzheimer’s Disease, the better you’re able to tackle the issue. Fear of the unknown is always worse than the issue itself. Learn all you can about your loved one’s illness, or read up on tips on how they can stay active for their health. Whatever the problem is, there is a solution; you just have to research it and own it.