Helping Dad Stay IndependentWho could forget Dad? The man who held you in his arms after you were born…the man who played catch in the yard when you were 8…the man who cried like a baby as he walked you down the aisle at your wedding. The memories reach far and wide, making up the fabric of your childhood and your adult life as well. Now that Dad’s getting older, he may not remember where he put his keys and he may need help with bills and he may even need a ride to the doctor’s because he can’t drive on his own anymore.

Dad doesn’t need another tie this Father’s Day. What Dad DOES need is your love, support and companionship — even as you juggle your own busy life. Remember: he used to be the one shuttling you to sports games and ballet practice, wrestling with you on the floor, putting dinner on the table every night, and sitting proudly in the front row to witness your first acting role in the school play. Now it’s time for you to take a step back and recognize those efforts that made you into the person you are today.

Every Day is a Happy Father’s Day When You’re Helping Dad Stay Independent

No more expensive gifts are needed. Instead, what Dad wants most now is to talk — doesn’t have to be about anything spectacular — just talk. Take him to breakfast and let him order all the pancakes he wants. Encourage his independence yet help him along. In fact, the best Father’s Day gift he can receive is to stay independent, so communicate and connect to find out how you can best address his needs for in-home senior care services. For that, we can help here at Advanced Home Care Services. Our Massachusetts senior care screened aides can fill in the gaps when you can’t, providing medical care, bill paying, grocery assistance, bathing, and transportation. For everything else, you’re there to provide that support he needs to remain in his own home and keep a connection to the beautiful life he has cherished for so long.