The summer months can be splendid. Fresh fruit and vegetables, family gatherings, and longer days are a handful of reasons why this season is so enjoyable. However, sun and heat safety precautions are important measures when it comes to caring for elders at home. According to the CDC, heat-related illnesses are more common in the senior population. Consequently, Massachusetts senior caregivers prudently choose summertime activity ideas to beat the heat. Here are some ways to keep seniors involved in summer.

Gardening: Summertime Activity Ideas for Seniors

Summertime Activity Ideas Ripe For The Picking

Nothing says summer like a fresh-picked tomato. Tomato plants are easy to care for and comfortably fit into small outdoor spaces. Watering and tending to plants early morning or late afternoon avoids the high sun and heat. Tomatoes make a welcome addition to many no-cook summer dishes, keeping the heat out of the kitchen.

If your senior enjoys reading, head to the local library. Check out a new cookbook to discover quick and easy summer recipes. Meal planning, prep, and cleanup are just a few of the companionship services in MA that we offer. Audiobooks are a wonderful option for those that prefer to listen instead of reading. Don’t forget to take a peek at the DVD collection. There may even be some classics on the shelves.

For those that enjoy going to the movies, bring your loved one to a matinee. Take advantage of lower prices while escaping the afternoon heat for a few hours. With all the summer movie releases, there’s bound to be some that your favorite senior would appreciate.

Swimming is pleasurable for many active seniors. Check out your local recreation centers or YMCA for senior swim times and water aerobics classes. In addition to being fun, low-impact exercise classes provide an opportunity for important social interactions.

Simply viewing water can be enjoyable, especially if swimming is not an option. Take a stroll together or push your loved one’s wheelchair on the boardwalk at a local lake or beach. Have a picnic in a nearby park that has a water feature. Moving water is relaxing and delights the senses.

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